Becoming - Development of the Senses
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Becoming - Development of the Senses



Team members

Jannik Aßfalg, Gal Grinberg, Malte Fial, Philipp Minel

Scope of Work

Digital Exhibition

My team and I embarked on an ambitious project titled "Becoming". Our goal was to create an educational and interactive communication system designed for a museum or exhibition setting. The chosen topic was the development of the senses in early life, a period most people don't remember. This theme was selected for its educational potential and the fascinating differences in how each sense develops.


Our primary challenge was to design an engaging and educational system that could elucidate the development of the senses in a way that captivates both young adults and parents. We aimed for an experience that allowed users to engage with the content either in a linear fashion or through exploration. Throughout the project, we navigated various technological and constructional hurdles, learning the importance of team collaboration and resilience.

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The initial concept envisioned an interactive wall, where each section was dedicated to one of the five senses - sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste. This setup was designed to enable multiple users to interact simultaneously, creating a collective learning environment. Through this interactive wall, we aimed to provide an immersive experience that would educate visitors about how each sense develops and evolves during the early stages of life. Our goal was to make this journey both engaging and informative, allowing visitors to explore these sensory changes in a hands-on manner.

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After extensive user testing, we decided to focus on individual sensory interactions, thereby allowing a more personalized and in-depth exploration for each visitor. This change also meant reducing the number of simultaneous users to create a more intimate and focused learning environment. We developed distinct, immersive elements for each sense. We integrated conductive ink, Arduino, short-distance beamers, headphones and tablets creating a seamless blend of analog and digital content, providing a unique and educational experience. This approach allowed visitors to engage deeply with each sense, fostering a personal connection to the developmental journey of human senses in early life. As we navigated through numerous technological and constructional obstacles, our journey underscored a vital lesson: maintaining a strong team morale is essential for success. The challenges we faced not only tested our technical skills and creativity but also our ability to work collaboratively under pressure. I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and supportive group, bringing this project to life, enriching our skills and strengthening our bond as a team.

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