Armor - Unleash Your Peak Performance
Concept Design
Invention Design

Armor - Unleash Your Peak Performance



Team members

Jannik Aßfalg, Fabrice Rio, Philipp Minel

Scope of Work

Invention Design | Concept Design

The Armor Smart Sport Suit project introduces a cutting-edge, technological solution to enhance fitness training. It consists of a smart sport suit integrated with advanced sensors and AR glasses, designed to offer a comprehensive, personalized workout experience. By measuring vital body metrics and analyzing this data through algorithms, the training can be tailored to the athlete’s needs and goals, facilitating optimal performance improvement and efficient training.


Athletes face numerous challenges in their fitness journey. Loss of motivation is common when results aren't immediate or training lacks variety. Injuries, particularly to muscles and joints, can significantly hinder progress. The absence of clear goals and structured training plans makes it difficult to track and achieve progress. Furthermore, without professional guidance, planning and executing an effective training plan can be daunting.

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To address these challenges, we envisioned ARMOR – a smart sport suit that combines wearable technology with interactive features. Our goal was to create a system that not only tracks and analyzes physical activity but also provides real-time feedback and guidance for an efficient and effective workout.

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The Armor Smart Sport Suit is a solution that integrates wearable technology with interactive feedback mechanisms. The suit is equipped with sensors that capture essential workout data. The accompanying AR glasses bring a new dimension to the training experience, offering real-time data visualization. They provide immediate feedback on exercise execution, track progress, and display vital metrics like calorie expenditure and heart rate. What sets Armor apart is its use of advanced algorithms that analyze the collected data to offer tailored adjustments to the training plan. This ensures workouts are optimized for intensity and safety, addressing the individual needs of the athlete. The Armor suit is not just a piece of fitness apparel but a comprehensive training partner, designed to enhance workout efficiency, minimize the risk of injury, and keep athletes motivated throughout their fitness journey. Our concept represents a harmonious blend of innovation, functionality, and user engagement, setting a benchmark in the realm of fitness technology.

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