CareSense - Health Monitoring and Diagnostic Support with AI
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CareSense - Health Monitoring and Diagnostic Support with AI



Team members

Jannik Aßfalg, Fabrice Rio, Philipp Minel

Scope of Work

Invention Design | Application Design

CareSense aims to rethink health monitoring and diagnostic support through innovative technologies and artificial intelligence. Our vision is to help people lead healthier lives, detect diseases early, and receive personalized care.


The problems addressed by CareSense include resource scarcity in healthcare, delayed diagnoses, insufficient patient education, data fragmentation, and the challenge of individualizing therapy.

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The core idea behind CareSense is to leverage cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence to transform the way health monitoring and diagnostic support are provided. By focusing on this innovative approach, CareSense aims to empower individuals to take proactive control of their health. The vision is to facilitate early disease detection, promote healthier lifestyles, and provide personalized care. This initiative is rooted in the belief that technology can significantly enhance the quality of healthcare delivery and patient engagement.

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The solution offered by CareSense is an integrated health monitoring system that combines a smartwatch with a health app, leveraging advanced AI for real-time data analysis. This system is adept at continuously tracking vital signs like ECG, pulse oximetry, and temperature, ensuring seamless integration with existing health apps for ease of use. Its innovative approach includes a natural language chatbot for comprehensive anamnesis, a color-coded risk categorization system for quick and clear health status communication, and a secure digital medical record accessible to healthcare professionals. Additionally, CareSense places a strong emphasis on data protection, offering both cloud-based and local data processing options, thus empowering users with control over their health data privacy. This holistic solution not only simplifies health monitoring but also enhances the efficiency and personalization of healthcare.

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